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How to plan your visit to Ponderosa

If you're planning to visit Ponderosa Costa Rica, it's important to consider several aspects to ensure you make the most of your experience. Here we will provide you with useful tips for planning your visit, from booking your tickets to designing an itinerary that suits your preferences. Get ready to enjoy a day full of adventures and fun at Ponderosa!

Reservation of Tickets and Activities:

You can arrive at Ponderosa without a prior reservation, but it's important to note that weekends and holidays in Costa Rica experience high visitation. To secure your spot for horseback riding, we recommend making a prior reservation. You can get your tickets and make reservations on the Ponderosa website or by contacting the phone number +506 2288 1000. This will allow you to ensure your participation in the desired activities and avoid potential issues.

Transportation to the Park:

There are various transportation options to reach Ponderosa. If you prefer public transportation, you can use bus routes or taxi services. You can also choose platform services like Uber. If you're traveling in your own car or a rented one, Ponderosa offers ample parking for all visitors.
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Travel Time and Weather:

It's important to consider travel time, especially if you're coming from the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) or other regions outside Guanacaste. Keep in mind that construction on the Puntarenas-Limonal route can cause delays in your journey. Also, remember that Guanacaste has a warm climate, with average temperatures ranging between 24 and 33 degrees Celsius (75-91 degrees Fahrenheit). Prepare with lightweight clothing and sunscreen to fully enjoy your visit.

Itinerary Design:

Make the most of your visit to Ponderosa by designing an itinerary that suits your preferences. Each of the attractions has an average duration of 1 hour, so we recommend organizing your day considering your interests and the hottest hours of the day. Consider including activities like canopy, horseback riding, tubing, and safari for a comprehensive and varied experience.

Services and Facilities at the Park:

During your visit, you will find a variety of services and facilities available at the park. This includes food and snack areas where you can enjoy delicious options, as well as restroom facilities for your convenience. You'll also find souvenir shops and a convenience store where you can purchase memorabilia and essentials for your visit.

When visiting Ponderosa!

  1. Wide-brimmed hat or cap.
  2. Cool and comfortable clothing.
  3. Closed-toe shoes like sneakers.
  4. Insect repellent.
  1. Sunscreen with a protection factor greater than 60.
  2. Sunglasses. (optional)..
  3. Moisturizing skin cream. (optional)..
  4. Sun umbrella. (optional)..
  1. Is it necessary to bring towels?
  2. Closed-toe shoes, preferably for water.
  3. Swimsuit.
  1. Bringing in food.
  2. Pet admission.
  3. Removing or taking off the entry bracelet.
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200 meters south of the bridge over the river 'El Salto, 50101'Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica