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Swimming Pool

Refresh yourself in our pool!

For your enjoyment, we have 3 incredible pools. One of them is specially designed for families with small children as it is shallow and has a crocodile slide. It's oval-shaped with a minimum depth of 0.15 meters and a maximum of 1.10 meters. The next pool is ideal for adults, with a minimum depth of 0.20 meters and a maximum of 1.24 meters, rectangular in shape. Lastly, we offer an option for the more adventurous, a pool with a minimum depth of 0.72 meters and a maximum of 2.64 meters, circular in shape.

La siguiente piscina es ideal para adultos, tiene una profundidad mínima de 0.20 mts y máxima de 1.24 mts con forma rectangular. Y por último, contamos una opción para los más aventureros, una piscina con una profundidad mínima de 0.72 mts y máxima de 2.64 mts con forma circular.

Pool experience:

Around the pool area, you can find other amenities such as restrooms/showers, tables for enjoying time with family and friends, a snack bar area where you can purchase various fast food dishes, a convenience store where you can buy refreshments, ice creams, snacks, and more. Additionally, there's a souvenir shop where you can acquire a beautiful memento of your visit to Ponderosa Adventure Park.

The girl who was our guide was very friendly and attentive, and the canopy was fantastic. It's worth taking a trip to this place!

Ambience and surroundings:

Enjoy the pools while sharing a pleasant moment in a completely natural environment, surrounded by vegetation, green areas, and many complementary facilities and activities.

Rules and considerations:

Pool Opening Hours: 10:00 AM, Pool Closing Hours: 5:00 PM


  • No rough play
  • No entering the pool with food
  • No smoking in or around the pool
  • No running
  • No entering the pool with drinks, especially glass containers.
  • No urinating in the pool.
  • Wear swimwear
  • Always walk with caution
  • Shower before entering
  • Use the restrooms
  • Children must always be supervised by an adult

Services and amenities:

Around the pool you can find bathrooms and showers, as well as a snack bar where you can buy a variety of fast foods.
A stunning place to take a walk with the family 😍

The guides and all the staff, oh my, they provide excellent service and are very respectful and attentive. I was enchanted by that place and I hope to return very soon.

– Costa Rica –

Ago 2022

María J. H. Campos

Facebook Review
Words cannot describe how amazing Ponderosa is.

A marvelous experience; it's worth mentioning that all the staff are super friendly, attentive, and helpful. The food is delicious, the animals are beautiful and astonishing. The Canopy, Kayaking, trails, and tours are all experiences I would love to repeat many more times.

– Costa Rica –

Set 2022

Pau Cortés

Facebook Review
Excellent service, good customer care

Delicious food, a delightful coffee, and all the spectacular activities, I loved it. The place is beautiful, incredibly comfortable, and safe. I would gladly come back.

– Puntarenas, Costa Rica –

Oct 2022

Grïs López

Facebook Review
Sumergete y disfruta de nuestra Piscina!

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