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La Perla Waterfall

An Oasis in Liberia, Guanacaste!

Welcome to Ponderosa, an adventure and nature destination in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Among all the attractions that this incredible place offers, the stunning La Perla Waterfall stands out. Get ready to dive into an oasis of tranquility and freshness amidst the lush Costa Rican nature!

Dive into La Perla Waterfall!

La Perla Waterfall: A Hidden Treasure.

Located at the heart of Ponderosa, La Perla Waterfall is a hidden treasure that will leave you breathless. With its impressive height and refreshing flow, this majestic waterfall stands as a natural gift. Surrounded by a dry tropical forest, the backdrop of La Perla Waterfall is simply astonishing.

Perfect for enjoying a family morning with children. Close to the center of Liberia, very organized, safe, and clean!

The Experience at La Perla Waterfall

Hiking to La Perla Waterfall is an experience in itself. Following well-marked trails, you'll immerse yourself in the richness of Costa Rican flora and fauna. The song of birds and the whisper of the wind through the trees will accompany you along the way, creating a magical and soothing atmosphere.

Upon reaching the waterfall, you'll be amazed by its splendor. Crystal-clear water cascades down from above, forming natural pools where you can immerse yourself and cool off. There's no better sensation than enjoying a relaxing soak in the refreshing waters of La Perla Waterfall, surrounded by the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Rules and Considerations.

To preserve this incredible natural treasure, it's important to respect the park rules. Follow the instructions of tour guides and avoid leaving trash or disturbing the local wildlife. La Perla Waterfall is a magical place that we must protect and conserve for future generations.

Tips and Recommendations

We recommend visiting La Perla Waterfall during the early morning hours when the park is quieter, and the sunlight creates a magical ambiance in the forest. Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for hiking. Don't forget your camera – you'll want to capture every moment of this unforgettable experience!
Staff were very friendly

They were kind enough to find people to translate for us. Zipline was a lot of fun as was the river tubing. You get to feed the animals and get very close.

– United States –

Feb 2023

Eric Zajac

Google Maps Review
I HIGHLY recommend coming here when visiting Costa Rica!

The staff was extremely nice. Our tour guide Jeremy (I believe that’s his name) was interactive with everyone during the tour. This was my boyfriend and I first time doing a Safari Tour which exceeded our expectations 😍!

– United States –

Jun 2022

Tenneh Williams

Google Maps Review
The park was extremely fun!!

The rafting was fun with a slow, leisurely float at the beginning with some mild rapids after that. The food was great that we purchased for lunch.

– United States –

May 2023

Zachary Leach

Google Maps Review

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