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Explore Costa Rica's exotic wildlife on the thrilling Ponderosa Safari.

Immerse yourself in an exciting Safari at Ponderosa, where you'll have the opportunity to interact directly with some of the most fascinating animal species in the world. In this blog post, I'll take you on an unforgettable journey as you explore Costa Rica's wildlife. Get ready for an exciting and educational tour where you can get up close to giraffes, zebras, ostriches, and many other exotic species.

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The Safari in Ponderosa

The Safari at Ponderosa is a guided tour conducted in a safari-style vehicle. During the journey, you'll have the opportunity to encounter 10 to 14 different animal species in their natural habitat. The tour offers an exciting and educational experience that enables you to learn about Costa Rica's exotic fauna.

Great experience! It has a bit of everything: great food, nice adventure canopy experience, a beautiful waterfall !

Species of exotic animals present on the Safari.

During the Safari, you'll have the chance to directly interact with giraffes, zebras, and ostriches. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to encounter water buffaloes and observe crocodiles, along with many other captivating animals. This up-close experience with wildlife offers a unique opportunity to learn more about these exotic species.

Safari duration and route:

The Safari has an approximate duration of 1 to 1.5 hours. During this time, you'll enjoy an exciting tour through the park's areas where various animal species reside. In addition to admiring the exotic wildlife, you'll also have the chance to learn about their habitat and behavior from knowledgeable tour guides who will accompany you throughout the tour.

Close Animal Encounters:

During the Safari, you'll have the chance to experience close encounters with animals like giraffes, zebras, and ostriches. You can feed zebras and giraffes directly from the tour vehicle, making your experience even more exciting and interactive. Enjoy unique moments as you connect with these magnificent creatures.

Requirements and considerations to participate in the Safari:

Before taking part in the Safari, please take note of the following restrictions and considerations:

  1. Advance reservation is required to secure your spot on the tour.
  2. Using camera flashes during the tour is not allowed to avoid disturbing the animals.
  3. Pets are not allowed on the Safari.
  4. Flying drones during the tour is not permitted to ensure the safety of both animals and visitors.
  5. The Safari is wheelchair-accessible, allowing everyone to enjoy this exciting experience.
Great Family Day Activity

The safari tour was awesome and you truly get a hands on experience with the animals. Waterfall was also very beautiful and the lunch provided was tasty!

Mar 2023

Jessica J

Tripadvisor Review
Beautiful place, an incredible experience

The staff is attentive and focused on providing good service to children, senior citizens, and people with disabilities. They offer internal transportation and wheelchairs for them.


Tripadvisor Review
Magical experience

I never get tired of going to this place, it's a magical experience, and the place is very well-maintained and clean!

Kiim Maroto

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